Our Auckland agent is unavailable for installation and repairs between 5th and 20th February.
We are available to supply clotheslines (please use our email or contact form).
Our Christchurch branch is open for installation and repairs. Thank you for your understanding.

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NZ's No1 Clothesline Company for over 60 years

We offer new clotheslines for sale, quality clothesline installations, clothesline repairs and clothesline rewires.
Best pricing for washing lines NZ and Installation Auckland wide with no travel charge.
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We also have an experienced Installer and Repairer for all your Clotheslines needs in Christchurch.

Welcome to Auckland Clotheslines

We are your Friendly Clothesline Professionals. Clotheslines use solar and wind energy to dry your clothes. Not only are they an excellent option that is good for the environment, but they will also continue to save you money for many years.

We are specialists in clothesline sales & installation of quality Austral, Hills and Tasman Clotheslines.
We offer Quality repairs and rewires of all make and models.

We are Trade and Retail Specialists and there is no Travel Charge Auckland Wide for Clothesline installation.

Clotheslines Auckland NZ

We are your Friendly Washing line Professionals offering you a wide range of clotheslines. We are Trade and Retail Specialists, and there is no Travel Charge Auckland Wide.

From a wall mounted clothesline for a small household through to those looking for a large family rotary washing line or outdoor or indoor retractable clothesline, as well as a fixed head hoist or folding head hoist, folding frame as well as clothesline parts.

Please contact us, and we will give you advice about the best make and model for your conditions.

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Proud suppliers of

Austral Clotheslines

Austral Clothes Hoists is 100% Australian owned and is the only Australian Clothesline Company that still manufactures a full range of Washing Lines in Australia.  Austral has an extensive range of Clothesline models and sizes.  All structural components are  BlueScope® Galvabond® Steel for superior strength and rust resistance. The plastics include UV stabilizers to ensure Austral’s Clothesline last. They include a 10 Year Structural Warranty.

Auckland Clothesline is proud to be Austral Clothesline Stockists and distributor. Browse our new Austral Clotheslines

Hills Clotheslines

Hills is a company born of innovation, our award-winning washing lines are built to last and for over 70 years have earned a place in the hearts and homes of New Zealanders and Australians. Hills Clotheslines have a 10-year Structural Warranty.

Auckland Clothesline is proud to be Hills Clothesline Stockists and distributor.

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Tasman Clotheslines

Tasman Clotheslines are built in NZ for NZ conditions. They are Housing New Zealand approved and provide a robust solution for rental situations and anywhere that requires the ultimate in strength and durability. Tasman Clotheslines have a 10-year Structural Warranty. Auckland Clotheslines are Tasman Clotheslines Distributors.