New Clotheslines

Using a clothesline to dry your clothes is great if you want to wash your clothes in an eco-friendly way. Washing lines use solar and wind energy to dry your clothes, so they are better for the environment and are also better for your budget.

If you are looking for a new washing line, give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to advise you.

Looking for a new clothesline? Auckland Clotheslines has brands you can trust

If you are shopping for a new washing line, then let the experts at Auckland Clotheslines supply you with the right type of line for your needs. The types of clothesline you need depends on things like how much space you have and how much washing you do. We can supply:

New Clothesline Options

Fixed head hoists: the traditional NZ clothesline

Folding head hoists: a great option for larger loads when you still want to have space in your garden

Folding frames: perfect for smaller spaces and people who only have small loads

Retractable lines: great for small spaces and can also be used indoors in carports, garages and bathrooms.

We supply only the best brands like AustralHills and Tasman Clotheslines. Our lines are carefully chosen to withstand New Zealand conditions and, with a little bit of care and maintenance, should last for years. We deliver nationwide and if you are in Auckland or Christchurch we can also install your new washing line for you. We offer a free quote and there’s no travel charge.

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Auckland Clotheslines can help

Give us a call and we’ll give you some options for the best clothesline for your requirements.

We also offer repairs and rewires so if your existing line is looking a bit worse for wear, but you think it can be saved get in touch.