Clothesline Parts & Accessories

Looking for clothesline parts? We have quality parts in stock

If you are looking for replacement parts for your washing line, give us a call.

Not everything we can supply is listed on our website. Some examples of the parts we have in stock:

We can supply the following Clothesline parts:

New clothesline posts

If your outdoor washing line post is going a bit rusty or has been bent or damaged, we may be able to supply you with a new post.

New clothesline wire

One of the most common problems with older clotheslines is that the wire starts to sag and become loose. Instead of buying a whole new clothesline, it is often possible to rewire your existing line. Depending on the state of your wire, you may be able to tighten it and get a bit more use out of it. However, if the wire is degraded or damaged, we can supply new high-quality galvanised wire.

How do I know which parts I need for my clothesline?

Not sure what you need to fix your clothesline? We offer an obligation-free consultation service nationwide. If you’re in Auckland or Christchurch, we can come to you to assess the damage and provide a quote.

If you’re outside of Auckland or Christchurch, simply take a photo of your broken clothesline and email it to us. We’ll quote you for the replacement parts, which we can ship throughout New Zealand.

Do you stock replacement parts for Hills clotheslines?

Yes, we do! Not everything we can supply is listed on our website, so give us a call to find out if we can help. We are experts in part compatibility and will check if we have the right component to get your line back to full operating condition.

What if I don’t know the brand of my washing line?

No problem - just get in touch with us. We’ve been supplying clotheslines for over 60 years, and there’s a very good chance we will be able to identify what brand of clothesline you have and how to fix it.

Not keen to DIY the repairs?

If you’re not the DIY type, give us a call. Our team offers quality repairs and rewiring in Auckland and Christchurch. We’ll rewire your line with a high-quality new wire that is guaranteed for ten years. We can repair, rewire, and service all makes and models of clothesline.

Beyond repair? Get a new clothesline from us!

You may discover that your old washing line is beyond repair. Or perhaps it’s just time for a different size or style to suit your changing needs. We can supply a range of new outdoor washing lines, including fixed head hoist and folding head hoist lines. We also have folding frame lines for smaller sections. We ship New Zealand-wide. If you’re in Auckland or Christchurch, we also offer a full installation service that includes removing your old line.

Give us a call on 09 267 0874 or 027 439 2057 to arrange an onsite consultation anywhere in Auckland or Christchurch, or for expert advice around the country.