Retractable Clotheslines

Retractable clotheslines are the ideal option if you have limited space and would like to tuck your line away when it’s not in use. These compact lines can be fixed between two walls, two posts, or a wall and a post. When your washing is dry, simply retract the line neatly into the wall-mounted box where it says out of your way until you need it again.

Indoor retractable clotheslines

If you lack space for an outdoor line or would just like a convenient undercover option for rainy days, then an indoor retractable clothesline in your laundry, bathroom, or garage could be the answer. They are perfect if you don’t do large loads of laundry very often and don’t want a washing line out in your home or your garden all the time.

Indoor retractable clotheslines are a popular choice for small houses, flats, and apartments.

Heavy-duty outdoor retractable clotheslines

Despite their compact nature, retractable clotheslines are spacious, and some can hold large loads and even sheets or towels. The Austral Retract Away 40 is a great example. It will hold almost as much washing as a medium-sized rotary clothesline when fully extended.

Outdoor retractable clotheslines are perfect for narrow spaces, such as the walkway along the side of a house or a long balcony. They can be placed beneath carports or awnings so you can use them even when the weather isn’t the best.

Extendable clotheslines are compact but spacious

Which retractable clothesline is right for me?

If you’re unsure which is the best retractable clothesline for your space, we can help you choose. We have a range of retractable lines to suit most situations. You can talk to us over the phone, or if you are in Auckland or Christchurch, we can offer a free on-site consultation and quote.

Where to buy a retractable clothesline

Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can supply you with a new retractable clothesline. We ship nationwide and can install your line (for an additional fee) in Auckland or Christchurch.

Repairs, rewires, and parts

Once you have your new clothesline, or if you already have a pull-out clothesline that is a few years old, we can help you with maintenance and servicing to make sure it continues to work properly. We can re-tension wires and replace fittings to keep your line in top condition. Read more about our Clothesline Repair Services.

All our work is guaranteed.

Not sure what clothesline would be best for you?

If you are looking for a new clothesline talk to us. We are happy to advise the most suitable clothesline for you. We ship across the country and if you are in Auckland or Christchurch we can arrange installation for you to at an affordable price. 

Give us a call to find out more.