Retractable Clotheslines

Retractable clotheslines are a compact option that can either be fixed between two walls, two posts or between a wall and a post.

 When used outdoors they are good options for narrow areas like down the side of a house or on a balcony If you own an apartment. If you use them under a carport or awning they also provide a good alternative to conventional outdoor washing lines when the weather isn’t great.

 Pull out clotheslines also make an excellent interior clothesline and can be set up in your laundry room if you have one, your garage or even your bathroom. They are perfect if you don’t do large loads of laundry very often and don’t want a washing line out in your home or your garden all the time. Instead, they give the option of being put away when not in use, sitting neatly in the wall-mounted box. This is especially helpful if you live in a small house or flat and have the washing line in your bathroom as it won’t get in the way when you aren’t using it.

Extendable clotheslines are compact but spacious

Despite their compact nature, extendable clotheslines are actually very spacious and some can hold large loads and evens sheets or towels. The Austral Retract Away 40, for example, when fully extended will hold almost as much washing as a medium-sized Rotary clothesline.

Similarly, the Hills Everyday Retracting Clothesline has a small cabinet which sits discreetly on the wall or post when not in use, but it offers a sizeable drying space which easily accommodates all sheet sizes when extended.

Looking for a new retractable clothesline? We can help you choose

If you are looking for a new extendable clothesline but aren’t sure which one to choose, we can help. You can talk to us over the phone or if you are in Auckland or Christchurch we can offer a free on-site consultation and quote. Contact Us

We can ship our retractable clotheslines NZ-wide.

Repairs, rewires and parts

Once you have your new clotheslines or if you have a pull-out clothesline that is a few years old, we can help you with maintenance and servicing to make sure it works properly. We can re-tension wires and replace fittings to keep your line in top condition. Read more about our Clothesline Repair Services

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