Fixed Head Hoist Clotheslines

Fixed head hoist clotheslines have been a mainstay of backyards for many years. These washing lines are extremely durable, being made from galvanised steel and tough wire. Because they have fewer moving parts, fixed head lines usually require little maintenance and will withstand New Zealand conditions well for many years. If the line does need some work, for example, if the wires are sagging we offer expert clothesline repairs in Auckland and Christchurch.

Fixed head hoist washing lines are perfect for families with large amounts of washing as they can easily hold large loads including sheets. They also get the washing dry in a short time because you can hang sheets and towels unfolded and there is plenty of space between the wires. However, they do take up more space than other options as they cannot be folded down and cannot be easily moved or removed. So, consider how much room you have on your section and what else you want to use the space for before you opt for this type of line.

Need a new washing line or some TLC for your existing line?

Auckland Clotheslines can help

Auckland Clotheslines have been supplying New Zealand households with quality clotheslines for more than 60 years. If you need some advice on the best type of washing line for your place, give us a call. We supply leading brands like Austral and Hills which have been designed and made to withstand local weather conditions.

We can supply New Zealand-wide, and if you are in Auckland or Christchurch, we can provide a complete onsite consultation for a no-obligation quote and a professional installation service.

Give us a call on 09 267 0874 or 027 439 2057 to arrange an onsite consultation anywhere in Auckland or for expert advice around the country. We ship New Zealand-wide and in Auckland also offer a full installation service which includes removing your old line.