Folding Frame Clothesline

A folding frame clothesline is an excellent choice for homes that do not have large sections. Folding frame washing lines take up less space than rotary lines and can be neatly folded away when not in use. They can be mounted on a fence or a wall or using posts which makes them ideal for mounting down the side of a house or in a smaller patio or deck area. Lines come in a range of colours so you can choose one that complements your brickwork or fencing.

While many folding frame lines are often more suitable for single people or couples with smaller washing loads, there are folding frame clotheslines available that will accommodate larger loads including sheets.

Auckland Clotheslines supplies a wide range of folding frame washing lines.

Browse our range of folding frame washing lines below.

 We stock a wide range of folding frame lines from Austral and Hills. These brands are designed and built to withstand Australian and New Zealand conditions and will last for years with proper care. We have a range of sizes including single and double folding frames.

Our washing lines can be supplied New Zealand-wide, but if you live in Auckland or Christchurch talk to us about our installation service and make getting your new washing line even easier. We install across both regions with no travel costs added to the bill and we’ll even remove your existing line for you. And, once your line is up, we can offer quality repairs and rewiring when required to ensure your line stays in good condition.

Auckland Clotheslines can help

If you live in Auckland or Christchurch and aren’t sure which line is right for you we can arrange a site visit to advise you. Otherwise, we are happy to provide advice via email or over the phone. We’ve been supplying clotheslines in Auckland for more than 60 years so we know our stuff!

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