Folding Head Hoist Clothesline

Folding head hoist clotheslines are similar to the more traditional fixed head but with the additional advantage of being able to fold. Furthermore, you can remove the clothesline if required. Folding head hoist washing lines can hold reasonably large loads including Queen size sheets, although their lines are sometimes closer together. The benefit of this type of clothesline is that it can be folded up when not in use so it is a good option for people who need line space but also need garden space. These lines do sometimes require more maintenance than fixed head styles.

Auckland Clotheslines has been supplying a range of washing lines of varying styles across New Zealand for more than 60 years. We supply only leading brands that we know stand the test of time.

If you aren’t sure which type of line would suit you best? Give us a call for some advice. If you are in Auckland, we can provide an on-site consultation and install your washing line for you if you wish.

Why choose a folding rotary clothesline?

A folding rotary clothesline (also known as a folding head hoist clothesline) gives you many of the advantages of a traditional fixed rotary clothesline without permanently taking up valuable garden space. Our folding clotheslines offer up to an impressive 58 metres of drying space but can easily be folded down when not in use. They can even removed from the ground socket to provide uninterrupted use of your lawn for other activities. We also have some compact folding rotary clotheslines that take up less space when fully extended, making them ideal for smaller sections.

Want to make sure you get the best folding clothesline for your home? At Auckland Clotheslines, we only stock quality brands. Our Hills and Austral folding rotary clotheslines come with 10- or 20-year warranties.

Need a new washing line or some TLC for your existing line?

Auckland Clotheslines can help

Auckland Clotheslines have been supplying New Zealand households with quality clotheslines for more than 60 years. If you need some advice on the best type of washing line for your place, give us a call. We supply leading brands like Austral and Hills which have been designed and made to withstand local weather conditions.

We can supply New Zealand-wide, and if you are in Auckland or Christchurch, we can provide a complete onsite consultation for a no-obligation quote and a professional installation service.

Give us a call on 09 267 0874 or 027 439 2057 to arrange an onsite consultation anywhere in Auckland or for expert advice around the country. We ship New Zealand-wide and in Auckland also offer a full installation service which includes removing your old line.