Austral Clotheslines

Austral has been making clotheslines for more than 30 years

Austral is a leading clothesline manufacturer with washing lines made in Australia. All components including structural and cords are made in Australia to high standards. So much so that Austral stands behind its clotheslines with a 20-year warranty.

Lines are made from Galvabond Steel and are weight tested to hold up to 150kg of washing in some conditions.

The lines are built to withstand New Zealand and Australian conditions including rust-resistant steel and UV stabilised plastics.

Austral Clotheslines have a washing line for every situation

Austral Rotary lines - rotary lines are among the most common washing lines in New Zealand gardens. These lines are ideal for large loads and can easily hang sheets and towels. Austral supplies both fixed head hoist lines and folding head hoists.

Austral Fold-down lines - fold-down lines are ideal for smaller areas or for single people or couples with smaller washing loads. They can be mounted to a fence, wall or on posts and are surprisingly spacious.

Austral Retractable washing lines - retractable lines are great for small spaces or when you don’t want the line to be out all the time. They can even be used indoors in bathrooms and laundries or in carports.

Auckland Clotheslines can supply and install your Austral clothesline or repair your existing line

If you would like an Austral clothesline in your garden, talk to Auckland Clotheslines about supplying your new line. We can give you advice on the best type of washing line for your needs and recommend a product for you.

If you are in Auckland or Christchurch we can also install your new washing line for you for an affordable price. This includes removing your old washing line if required.

Our experienced teams also carry out washing line repairs and rewiring for major brands including Austral. So if you have washing line that is looking a bit worse for wear, give us a call and chat about repairs. We have spare parts for all types of lines so we can usually get the repair done pretty quickly.

Browse our range of Austral clotheslines. If you have any questions or you’d like to make an order, give us a call.

Need a new clothesline or some TLC for your existing line?

If you are looking for a new clothesline talk to us. We ship across the country and if you are in Auckland or Christchurch we can arrange installation for you to at an affordable price. 

Give us a call to find out more.