Hills Clotheslines

Hills is an iconic brand for washing lines both in New Zealand and Australia

The first Hills washing line was invented when Lance Hill returned to Australia after the Second World War and made one for his wife after watching her struggle to hang the washing on a line strung between two trees. The story goes that he overheard two women talking about it on the tram and saying how much they’d like one and decided that day to go into business.

Since then Hills lines have been developed to suit the climates of both New Zealand and Australia built to withstand wind, rain and sun.

Auckland Clotheslines supplies, installs and repairs all Hills clotheslines.

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Hills offer a wide range of outdoor washing line solutions

Hills Rotary clotheslines

The traditional Kiwi washing line suitable for large loads and making it easy to get your washing dry. Hills supply two types of rotary line:

Hills Fixed head hoists

The more traditional type of line including very sturdy galvanised steel heavy duty washing lines which are perfect for large loads and regular use, or for places like rental properties.

Hills Folding head hoists

These can be folded down or even removed from the ground when not in use which makes them a good option if you also need the space for another use or you just don’t want to look at the washing line all the time.


Hills Folding frame lines

These lines are great for smaller sections or for those odd spaces down the side of the house and can be mounted on a wall, fence or on a post frame.

Hills Retractable/ Hills Extending

Retractable clotheslines are a compact option that can either be fixed between two walls, two posts or between a wall and a post.


Auckland Clotheslines supplies, installs and repairs all Hills clotheslines

Auckland Clotheslines can help

If you think a Hills washing line could be right for you, talk to us about our supply and installation service. We can advise you on the best clothesline for your needs and your section size and supply you with a high-quality product.

If you are local to Auckland or Christchurch we can not only supply your washing line, but for a small extra fee we can install it for you so you know everything is done properly. This includes removing and taking away your existing line if required.

We can also carry out repairs to existing washing lines so before you give up on yours, have a chat to us about whether we might be able to fix it. With our spare parts and tools we can bend out bent arms, fix struts and rewire sagging lines so your washing line will have years more life in it.

Browse our range of Hills clotheslines above and then give us a call to place your order.

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