Wall Mounted Clotheslines

A wall-mounted washing line is a great option for people with small sections or who want to keep their washing line out of sight. They also fit neatly in small spaces that might be otherwise unused around your section such as down the side of your home in a utility area or under a carport.

These folding frame clotheslines can be mounted to the wall along the side of your home or to an existing fence with some simple brackets. No additional components are needed to mount the line to the wall. You can also mount them independently using mounting poles which are fixed to the ground.

Folding frame lines are compact and fold neatly away when not in use. Fitted under a carport they offer a good option alongside retractable washing lines for drying outside even when the weather isn’t ideal.

Despite their compact size, many wall mounted washing lines can still hold considerable loads of washing. Some of the lines in stock will even hold sheets and towels comfortably.

We stock a range of wall mounted clotheslines from Austral and Hills, two brands that stand up well to New Zealand conditions. We ship across New Zealand. If you are in Auckland or Christchurch we also offer an installation service for an extra fee which includes the removal of any old washing line at your property.

Browse our range of wall-mounted clotheslines below and then get in touch to make an order or for expert advice.

Need a new washing line or some TLC for your existing line?

Auckland Clotheslines can help

If you are looking for a new clothesline talk to us about our stock of quality rotary lines and folding frame washing lines. We stock high-quality brands designed to withstand New Zealand conditions. We ship across the country and if you are in Auckland or Christchurch we can arrange installation for you to at an affordable price. 

If you are in Auckland or Christchurch and your existing line could do with some TLC, we also offer repairs and rewiring for most types of lines using quality spare parts.

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